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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sniffles :(

I have a cold :(
And my nose is sore because i've been rubbing my nose with tissue (why can't they make it soft)

I started school yesterday. It was great seeing all my friends again. Ohhhhh. And.
I got some of my mock GCSE results back. For english i got 2 B's and 1 C, for maths i got a C ( which is better than i expected), for Health and Social i got an A (two marks away from a A*) Oh Yeah :)

Im still awaiting the rest. And i will definiately inform you (well thats of course if you want it)

ALSO, snow is ment to be heading my way :) Apparentley theres gonna be 15cm of snow :). If that does happen, school will close :)

I'll inform you guys tomorrow and tell you what happened.