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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Auditions.... :)

Hey guys, as you know i want to persue a career in acting. I have been been applying for loads of auditions and this morning i got confirmation from one of them. Im going to audition in March for a film.
I am so excited because it what i've always wanted to do BUT then im nervous because i reckon time is going to fly by and soon enough it will be March. Then the nerves start to kick in.

Hopefully, i'll get some more confirmations back.
Speak to you guys tomorrow.


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  1. heyy im so happy somone commented on my blog i didn't think anybody would read it lol I like your blog too:)would you mind telling peole about my blog i have no followers lol and ill tell people about yours. do you have twitter ? and good luck with your auditions hope you become sucsessfull x :)