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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Let it snow, Let snow, Let it snow

It snowed today - if you haven't already guessed from my title. I was kinda happy because it was REALLY cold and i didn't have to go out but then i was kida sad because i wanted to go out and play :(

But then later on in the day the snow turned to rain, i mean WASS UP WID DAT!!!
But its gonna snow some more during the next few weeks :)

I had such a good day today relaxing. I've been really lazy. Eating, watching tv and using the laptop. Then eating again.

Don't worry im gonna redeem myself tomorow by doing some cleaning. That will make my mum happy.

I am currently watching Waterloo Road (my #1 tv programme) so im gonna continue watching that :) You guys who reside in the UK should watch it. Channel 1.

Speak to you tomorow.

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